imagesIve often thought about why I want to be my own boss and sometime’s have even tried to convince myself that maybe I don’t, that maybe it’s not all seems and that maybe just maybe I might be better off just trying hard to be happy working for a company…after all these are a lot of benefits to that too.  But as hard as I try eventually I’m back at the same thought’s, no, I want more, I don’t want this, I want freedom and I think freedom is the key word here.

Freedom to do things how I want, when I want, freedom to be creative, freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, freedom to not have to answer to anyone, freedom to go and come as I please, freedom to not have to fill in leave form, freedom to take my kids for an ice-cream at 2 in the afternoon if I please, freedom to truly be me and do what makes me happy….

Where do I begin?

My quest to have my own business is not a new thing. It pretty much started a year or two into starting my working career. My parents always had their own businesses and maybe it’s because I grew up in a family where they were always their own boss that it’s engrained in me?

Even when I was at the peak of my career in my late twenties I always felt that it wasnt enough. I had a great job earning great money but I wanted more, I wanted freedom. The freedom to think for myself, to answer to myself, to truly be myself and to not worry about what the boss would say, think, do etc.  Where I am  now my career has taken quite a back seat. Due to changes in my previous job beyond my control I was forced get a new job. Being pregnant and having a young child at the time I took a less than soul full filling role and a career dive but first good reason…to spend as much time with my young kids without too much stress and pressure.  While its been good and served the purpose my sole is slowly dying and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep convincing myself that it’s a timing thing and one day I will do something that I love.

So that is where I am now, I need a plan, I need a goal and I need to become my own boss…soon!