Life Coaching

I'd heard a about Life Coaching a while back. One of our neighbors was actually a life coach and I never really understood back then what it was that he actually did. A few years ago I was going through a bit of a down stage in my life and thought I needed help so … Continue reading Life Coaching


Mornings are the key

Following on from my previous post on commitment I hereby committ to change my morning routine starting this Monday! You see up until now my morning have been somewhat crazy! They've generally looked something like this most week day mornings: 5:15 - alarm goes off, hit snooze 5:20 - alarm goes off again, hit snooze … Continue reading Mornings are the key


Why is COMMITMENT so hard! I don't know how many times I have read the following quote in the last couple of months! I get it! I believe it! I have drilled it into my head ....but yet I still find it so hard to commit to things! I've "commited" so many times to waking … Continue reading Commitment